Document Holder - Two Side-by-Side 8 ½" x 11" Panels - 11" x 17" Overall Size

Document Holder - Two Side-by-Side 8 ½" x 11" Panels - 11" x 17" Overall Size

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1-9 $4.49
10-24 $3.95
25-49 $3.75
50-99 $3.65
100-299 $3.55
300-500 $3.25

Product Description


StoreSMART’s Side-by-Side Document Holder are a marvelous way to organize and protect your valuable paperwork—but they also open up a whole world of additional usage options. Of course you can use them to shield heavy-use items from wear, such as metric charts, safety information, processes, and schedules. But you can also write on the vinyl with dry erase markers, which means your documents can be instantly transformed into powerful business and educational tools.

Product Features:

  • Made of ink-resistant, 10-gauge, crystal-clear, heavy-duty vinyl.
  • A dividing bar down the middle creates two side-by-side pockets.
  • Interior capacity per side: 8 ½:” x 11 ½:”.
  • Overall size: 11 ½:" x 18"
  • Open on the long side with a ¼:” lip.
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA.

Suggestions for Use:

  • Businesses: Track paperwork, data, and purchase orders by implementing a folder system. Our pockets will protect your important work from spills and damage as it travels through your facility.
  • Teachers: Use them to house reusable calendar or sign-out blanks. Students can write on them with dry erase markers, and just as quickly clean them up.
  • Homeowners: Keep track of the family calendar, chore charts, and schedules.
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