A red folder lays on a table. The folder has a clear overlay on the front with a sheet of paper inside. A pair of hands opens the folder, revealing sheets of paper tucked into the inside pockets of the folder. The left pocket also has a place to fit a business card. The hand contiue on, closing the folder. The back of the folder also has a clear overlay with a sheet of paper inside.

A hand is shown inserting a sheet of paper into the clear overlay on the front of the folder.

"Clear overlay on front and back. Insert your own cover page."

"Really tough plastic!" A pair of hands is shown attempting to tear a blue plastic folder. The folder remains intact.

"Really tough!"

A yellow folder is opened on a table. A hand inserts a pen into the left pocket. The hand then removes some sheets of paper from the right pocket, revealing these words:

"Two 4.5-inch pockets."

An orange folder lays on a table. A hand holds a cup of water, spilling some water onto the folder. The hand returns with a paper towel to wipe away the water.

"Spills and dirt wipe away!"

A green folder lays open on a table.

"A slot for business cards."

A hand inserts a business card into slots on the left pocket.

A hand pulls folders from a stack, one at a time, showing all the colors.

Red, white, orange, light blue, yellow, silver, green, black, metallic green, clear, metallic blue, maroon, navy blue, gold, purple, pink.

"16 colors!"

The Store Smart logo appears.