Vial of Life video transcript

A small cartoon person stands on a kitchen counter, smiling and holding a cup of coffee.

Emergencies strike without warning.

The man loses consciousness and collapses, dropping his coffee.


A small cartoon ambulance approaches a house. On the door of the house is a sticker that reads: My Medical Info is on Fridge.

The cartoon ambulance arrived on the kitchen counter with the collapsed person. The door opens and an EMT jumps out.

We then see the refrigerator, with a Vial of Life pocket on front. The tiny EMT floats up and grabs the Vial of Life pocket, pulling it off the refrigerator.

We then see the EMT on the kitchen counter, pulling a paper out of the Vial of Life. The EMT reads the medical information as other EMTs begin to treat the collapsed person.

Emergency Medical Information.

We then see the person, smiling, being wheeled out of a hospital towards his waiting family.

Vial of Life saves lives.

Fill out the form. Slip it into the pocket. Add your name and photo. Magnetic back. Place on your fridge.

Fill out the sticker. Place it on your main enterance. Be ready in an emergency.

We see an EMT holding a Vial of Life with medical information form. We are on a street with a fire truck in the background.

Many varieties.