SMART Plus Plastic Folders - Primary Colors 6-Pack

SMART Plus Plastic Folders - Primary Colors 6-Pack

Code: SP800PCP6


Product Description


Tired of paper folders tearing, wilting, bending--generally failing to meet the demands of daily work or school life? StoreSMART's SMART Plus Folders are built to last! They're constructed of 100% super polypropylene archival material to help protect your valuable documents, and, unlike paper folders, they won't shred, dog-ear, or discolor. A professional business or medical environment demands professional materials. Don't settle for anything less--choose a folder that can stand up to the toughest treatment, and come out looking as fresh as your ideas.

Product Features:

  • Variety 6-Pack includes one of each color: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Metallic Blue, and Metallic Purple.
  • Made from tough archival poly plastic.
  • Stain-resistant--ink doesn't transfer to the folder. 
  • The virtually unbreakable spine makes our folders perfect for long-term use.
  • Interior left pocket includes a business card slits.
  • Inside pocket dimensions: 4 ½" crystal clear pockets on both sides.
  • Interior folder capacity: Holds 70 sheets per side.
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA for over ten years!

Suggestions for Use:

  • Students: Organize your class files, preserve important records, and color-you're your research information. Our folders always look fresh!
  • Teachers: Our high-capacity folders will help keep you organized--and won't tear along the fold.
  • Businesses: Color-code your work projects, or use our folders to route paperwork throughout your facility.
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