Vial of Life - Customer Compliments

I have the standard Vial of Life on my refrigerator for my husband. He had a heart attack at the age of 47 and is now diabetic at 50. He is on several medications and has had allergic reactions to medications. I feel much better having that information current and available if I would not be home at the time he needed EMS.

Kelly from Iron Mountain, Minnesota

We just moved and on our window was a Vial of Life sign left from the previous owners. I went online and found sites listed under Vial of Life. I was looking for a kit to fill out and your Vial of Life looked GREAT, so I ordered.

Katheryn from Rancho Mirage, Arizona

One of the top reasons for the success of our program is StoreSMART's Vial of Life pocket. In addition to the attractive and simple design, it is highly functional for our responding paramedics, providing vital patient information at a critical time. The folks at StoreSMART took care of our needs, working with us to develop custom artwork and getting the product to our doorstep, meeting our project deadline.

Rick Nash, Emergency Management , Bedford Texas Fire Department

I had lived in Sun City Center, Florida, where they had the Vial of Life that they distributed to all the residents. I recently moved and was looking for something similar, and I liked the fact that you have info for the car, home, and for pets.

Sherri from Bradenton, Florida