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From Our Customers

"We serve senior citizens in our area and wanted to provide a product that would be of benefit to them. After talking with our local fire department, they informed us that their largest amount of calls are for medical emergencies. The information placed in these envelopes and placed on their refrigerators will be a great help to them and will hopefully save lives."

Carolyn from Minco, OK

"This Parking Permit Holder was exactly what we wanted. Just peel the sticker off the permanent adhesive side of the magnet, place on the baskside of your mirror, and viola! you're done. It is a good sized rectangular magnet, so is is easy to hit. The placard slides into the clear plastic holder. Merely get the top of the clear holder near the magnet on the back of the mirror, and they snap together. Easy to remove - no force required. Totally thrilled with this purchase!"

Laura from Statesville, North Carolina

"We wanted to attach labels to the spines of music binders, but we wanted the ability to change the information easily and as needed. We believe adhesive business card holders with thumb notch will help us accomplish that. We liked the fact that your company allows us to order the number we want at a competitive price."

Kate from Iverness, Illinois

"I used these folders in a previous job after seeing them being used in the schools. They are very durable and this is exactly what we need for sending adoption dossiers to foreign countries. You had the best option for us."

Sara from Wilmington, Delaware

"This is the 3rd order I have placed for the toploading plastic sheet covers in a previous job after seeing them being used in the schools."

Kellen from Polo Ralph Lauren in New York, New York

"I located you through a Google search I was unable to find the Foam Hubs here locally. I am very happy with your selection and price."

Mike from St Louis, Missouri

"We just moved and on a window of our condo there was a Vial of Life sign left from the previous owners. I went online and saw several sites listed under Vial of Life. I was looking for a "kit" to fill out and your site looked GREAT, so I ordered."

Katheryn from Rancho Mirage, Arizona

"My husband and I wore these Passport Holders around our necks and looped them around our belt loops for two days of plane travel and five days of off-the-ship/on-the-ship, in and out of the ocean and pool, etc... We opened and closed these things constantly. We folded them in half, sat on them, stuffed them with money, credit cards, coins and basically put them through the mill for the duration of our trip and not once did a drop of water or sand enter these holders. They're very durable and a great way to carry your passport around without LOOKING LIKE you are carrying your passport around. Very easily hidden. Four thumbs-up."

Lina from San Jose, California

"I would like to thank you and your entire StoreSMART team on a successful product. We here at Pratt & Whitney are delighted by the quality of the product and its unique design. Looking forward to future special projects with your company. Thanks."

Mohammed from Pratt and Whitney in Middletown, Connecticut

"I've been using this product for several years now. If I remember correctly, I found it on the web and then talked to a representative on the phone, who sent me a sample. We use the folders to hold meeting materials rather than three-ring binders, as was previously done. Our participants like the folders much better than the binders because they can easily put them in a file."

Stan from Federal Communications Bar Association

"I am writing to let you know that I found you with a Google search for "Plastic Business Card Holder". I was very impressed with the clarity of your site, but even more so by the customer service I spoke with, who was helpful and affirming of my time line."


"I found you when I was searching for some clear pockets that would allow us to put our current visitor cards in the registration pads at church. I found several things already, thans for everything!"

Laura from First United Methodist Church Fox Hill

"When we needed a special pocket for our Parking Permit Tag Holders, your staff came through. They provided professional service, and I received the samples promptly. Your prices are great, too!"

Bordon Decal from San Francisco, California

"Thanks for your help in designing the special pocket for our fuel card. The pocket fits inside the front door panel of our vehicles, keeping our cards handy and safe!"

Kenner Police Department from Kenner, Louisiana

"We had been dealing with another company for years before I came acorss the Store Smart catalog. Your service, price, and willingness to create the products we needed was enough to convince us to switch companies."

Sportable Scoreboards from Murray, Kentucky

"When I found your site on the internet, I thought, "You have found yourself a goldmine." You carry a lot of stuff that most business guys would like to have. We work on designing electronics products, mainly for the education sector, and are looking for better ways of packing."


"We began using the vinyl covers last year as holders for our employee service certificates. We received so many compliments that we decided to use them again this year. Take care, and thank you for all of your assitance."

Cindy from Ohio Department of Taxation