Magnetic Business Card Holders

Magnetic Business Card Holders

Code: PE222M_

Quantity Price Each
10-24 $1.69
25-49 $1.49
50-99 $1.39
100-299 $1.29
300-499 $1.19
500-2500 $0.99

Product Description


Whether you need to label warehouse locations, post warnings or instructions on metal equipment, organize coins and other collectibles, or set up an eye-catching visual management display on your magnetic dry erase board, StoreSMART’s colored vinyl Magnetic Pockets offer you the ultimate in strength and versatility. The strong magnetic backs give you the ability to stick them wherever you like, including metal filing cabinets, doors, shelving, refrigerators, and communication boards. Keep your business or home organized—and never fuss with adhesives or tape again!

Product Features:

  • Choose:
    • 8-gauge crystal clear vinyl front and back
      • Open on the short side
      • Open on the long side
    • 8-gauge crystal clear vinyl front and 12-14 gauge solid vinyl back: white or black
      • Open on the long side
  • Overall size: 2 716” x 3 1316
  • Inside capacity: 2 116” x 3 716” - holds up to five business cards
  • ½” x 3” magnet on back.
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA.
  • Download and print out label inserts for these pockets: 

Suggestions for Use:

  • Businesses: Use our pockets to create innovative Lean or visual management displays, or to label file cabinet drawers, doors, shelves, and other metal surfaces.
  • Warehouses: Use our pockets to label inventory shelves, organize shipping and receiving areas, or designate metal bins for order tracking.
  • Teachers: Label metal cabinets and shelves in your classroom to keep everyone organized.
  • Homeowners: Label metal shelving and cabinets in your garage and other storage areas, or use the pockets to organize coins or slides.


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