Magnetic Holders for Parking Placards 2-PACK - Easy On and Easy Off

Magnetic Holders for Parking Placards 2-PACK - Easy On and Easy Off

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Product Description


I showed your product to several placard users. I found some interesting methods they were using for their placards. One lady used a shoelace to attach the placard, another used rubber bands, and many let them just hang because it was too difficult to take off and put back on. My biggest challenge was one lady who did not want to give back the StoreSMART placard holder!
Bill Shereck, Shawnee, Kansas

Disability parking placards are a boon to people with limited mobility and other challenges, allowing them to preserve and enjoy their independence. Yet, removing and rehanging the placard can be a struggle. Some rear view mirrors have thick stems, making them incompatible with the hole punched placards; others are surrounded by wires or other hindrances. If you have trouble with your disability parking placard, stop wrestling with it or letting it continually hang in place (which is dangerous!)—instead, grab one of StoreSMART's Magnetic Parking Placards. Simply mount the large magnetic strip to the back of your rear view mirror, and slip your placard into the crystal clear plastic envelope. The strong magnet on the envelope will snap into place whenever you touch it to the back of your mirror. Make hanging and removal a breeze, and start enjoying travel again!

Product Features:

  • Kit contains two clear polyethylene plastic pockets (4 ¼" x 9 ¾") featuring super-strong neodymium magnets.
  • Kit also comes with four mounting strips (2" x 3") that stick to the back of your rear view mirror with permanent adhesive. Mount one in every vehicle you use.
  • Also great for parking lot permits, university parking, apartment complexes, and gated community placards.
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA.

Easy, One-Time Setup:

  • Insert your placard into the clear plastic pocket. The placard may stick out of the top. You can trim your placard to fit inside the pocket if you desire.
  • Clean the back of your rear view mirror and let it dry. Peel off the white backing from one of the mounting strips. Press the sticky side of the strip to the back of the mirror.
  • When you hold the pocket up to the mounting strip it will magnetically snap into place. Before driving, just give your placard a tug and it will pop off easily.
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