Zipper Passport Holder with Lanyard

Zipper Passport Holder with Lanyard

Code: SPCR1596ZIPS

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Product Description


In today's world, everyone knows you can't take risks with your safety—especially while traveling. Even in the most idyllic locations, thieves and pickpockets abound. Before they target you, protect yourself and your belongings with one of StoreSMART's Passport Holders! Each 4 38" x 6 78" pocket is large enough to hold multiple small items—including a U.S. passport, money, medication, and jewelry. The double reinforced header and sturdy vinyl construction mean our Passport Holders can keep up with the most energetic traveler, while the water-resistant zip closure will protect your belongings against moisture and dirt. Streamline your journey through the airport, and keep your ID close at hand as you travel. Once you get home, use your Passport Holder to store keys, credit cards, and even your iPod whenever you exercise, visit trade shows, or hit the beach. You'll never run out of uses for this handy product!

Product Features:

  • Front is crafted of crystal clear 8-gauge vinyl
  • Back is crystal clear 8-gauge vinyl OR solid 12-gauge vinyl.
  • Open on the short side. Water-resistant zip closure.
  • Flexible and reusable.
  • Double reinforced header with heat-sealed hang hole and metal grommet.
  • Black 36" lanyard is comfortable to wear.
  • Overall size: 4 38" x 6 78".
  • Inside capacity: 3 78" x 5 38".
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA.

Suggestions for Use:

  • Simplify airport check-in by carrying your ID, tickets, and reservations around your neck. No more fumbling through your carry-on luggage for what you need.
  • Ensure your children's safety by having them wear their ticket or ID around their necks.
  • Foil pickpockets by keeping your jewelry, medications, keys, and credit cards out of their reach.
  • Wear the pocket color side out to make it impossible to identify what you're carrying. Yet the crystal clear vinyl side allows you to look inside whenever you like.
  • For maximum protection, wear your Passport Holder under your outer layer of clothing.
  • When you visit conventions and trade shows, stow business cards and other promotional materials inside your holder. When you get home, all of your new contact information will be in the same place.
  • You don't have to jet across the world to make use of our Passport Holders. They're great for class trips, too! Keep students organized, and make sure children have identifying information on them at all times.
Zipper Passport Holder with Lanyard
The perfect size product for my need. A well-made holder for important personal items which can be displayed, if necessary. The fact that it's zippered is a plus. The lanyard is made of comfortable and sturdy material. Very reasonably priced. I would highly recommend this product.
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