Magnetic Rigid-Vinyl Sewn Pocket - 6" x 9" - Open Short

Magnetic Rigid-Vinyl Sewn Pocket - 6" x 9" - Open Short

Code: T85203S_M

Quantity Price Each
5-9 $4.59
10-24 $4.29
25-49 $3.89
50-99 $3.79
100-299 $3.69
300-500 $3.59

Product Description


Looking for a colorful alternative to our Magnetic-Back Vinyl Pockets? Our large selection of Rigid Sewn Pockets offers something for everyone! Whether you're in sales, manufacturing, engineering, or business, our rugged pockets give you the power to communicate with ease and efficiency. Use them to pair literature with machinery, display work orders, label shelves, distribute instructions or information to employees, color code work flow, and more. The colored vinyl stitched seams can stand up to heavy use, while the strong magnets will make sure your work stays precisely where you need it to. Work in a messy environment? These pockets can take whatever you can dish out!

Product Features:

  • Made of 8-gauge clear rigid vinyl.
  • Open on the short side.
  • Metal eyelet makes it a cinch to hang or tie.
  • Two ½" x 6" magnetic strips on the short sides
  • Colored vinyl stitched seams stand up to repeated use.
  • Interior capacity: 6" x 9".
  • Overall Size: 7" X 11 ¼".
  • Custom Colors available - minimum 50 pieces.
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA.

Suggestions for Use:

  • These pockets make wonderful reusable price tags for large items such as furniture, home renovation supplies, and computer equipment.
  • Use them to house auto insurance information, or any documentation where it's crucial that you be able to see both the front and back.
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