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PLASTIC 2-Pocket Folders for School, Office, and Home
POLY PLASTIC 2-Pocket Folders with Clear Overlay
Tough, durable, and waterproof. Lasts beyond the school year!

SMART PLUS Folders - Poly PLASTIC 2-Pocket Folders - No Clear Overlay
Smart Plus Folders
Individual Colors
Primary 6-Pack Custom Printed

SMART PRICE Folders - VINYL PLASTIC 2-Pocket Folders - Great Prices
Letter-Size - Clear Plastic
9" x 11 ¾" - Snug Fit
Letter-Size - Clear Plastic
9 ½" x 11 ¾" - Loose Fit
Legal-Size - Clear Plastic
9 316" x 14 38"

Half-Size Folders - Vinyl Plastic with Clear Overlay Custom Printed