6" Double Pointed Needles Binder Page with Flap and Hook & Loop Closure

6" Double Pointed Needles Binder Page with Flap and Hook & Loop Closure

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Product Description


Anyone who knits knows that there are two challenges one routinely faces as a textile addict - finding the perfect yarn and tools for a project, and finding a place to store them afterwards! While we don’t carry yarn, StoreSMART’s Double Pointed Binder Pages are a fantastic solution for a tricky storage problem. Each 6 78” x 6 ½” 8-gauge vinyl pocket is the perfect size to hold 4 sets of your 6” Double Pointed Needles. Secure your tools with the folding flap and hook & loop closure, and then store the pockets in any standard 3-ring binder. Instead of letting your needles bend or snap in a drawer or box, keep them neat and organized on a shelf. There - now you have more mental energy for the never-ending yarn hunt!

Note: Double Pointed Needles not included.

Product Features:
  • Crafted of crystal clear 8-gauge vinyl.
  • Folding flap with hook & loop closure keeps needles in, and dirt out.
  • Includes two holes for use with three-ring binders.
    • Place the pocket at the top two rings or the bottom two rings without hanging outside the binder.
  • Overall size folded: 6 78” x 6 ½”.
  • Overall size flat: 6 78” x 10 ½”.
  • Barred to created 4 equal pockets:
    • Inside capacity of each pocket: 1 316” x 6 18” - Perfect for 6” Double Pointed Needles!
    • Also great for crochet hooks!
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA.
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