Diabetic Alert Variety Pack

Diabetic Alert Variety Pack

Code: DBVP5


Product Description


Diabetic Alert Variety Pack! This starter kit includes one of each of the Diabetic Alert products to keep you and your loved ones safe.


Protect your medical information when traveling, at home, or at the store. With protective vinyl pockets of multiple sizes, your personal ID, medical forms, and other documentation remain safe and secure! Be ready for an emergency anywhere.


The product includes:

  • Hanging Zipper Pocket with a 9” elastic band(3 ½” x 4 5/8”) attach to school chairs, diaper bags, strollers, wheelchairs, walkers, car seats, and backpacks.
  • Magnetic Slim Pocket (4” x 9”) Holds trifold paper for a refrigerator, filing cabinet, metal surfaces, and a vehicle glove compartment.
  • Magnetic Letter Size Pocket (8 ½” x 11”) Holds medical and doctor’s information. Place on a refrigerator, filing cabinet, and any metal surface.
  • Business Card Size Folding Wallet (2 1/8” x 3 1/4”) For purse, travel bag, or briefcase, drawer, or pocket.
  • Wearable ID and Info Holder with Lanyard (2” x 2 ¾”) The handy ID info card slips into a clear plastic pocket. This can be comfortably worn around the neck or safety pinned to a jacket or coat or slip it onto a set of keys. (Large enough for inserting a small USB Flash Drive—USB Flash Drive not included).
  • Includes three easy-to-fill-out Medical Forms and two Location Stickers that can be attached to a door or window to alert medical personnel to the location of the Diabetic Alert information in the home or workplace


Suggestions for Use:

  • Homeowners: Create a Diabetic Alert for your loved ones! Place the location sticker in a window or front door to point emergency responders toward the important information.
  • Hospitals: Diabetic Alert pockets make wonderful discharge gifts for patients.
  • Emergency personnel: Use them as door prizes or promotional items the next time you conduct a fundraiser!
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