Folding Card Holders Rainbow 32-Pack

Folding Card Holders Rainbow 32-Pack

Code: RPP2915VP


Product Description


Tired of subjecting your business cards, metro passes, and credit cards to the ravages of your pocket, purse, or wallet? Want to group cards together in order to find them more easily? Try our Folding Business Card Holders - Rainbow 32 Pack. Stop fussing with fancy metal cases, and stop worrying that an accident or spill might ruin your paper cards. Our pockets are lightweight, durable, and convenient. Be unique! Give out your business card in its own poly-plastic pocket. Great for credit cards, library cards, driver's licenses, bus & metro cards, and tickets. Organize your personal information: use for insurance information, social security cards, medical information, and appointment cards. Use for everyday things like coupons & discount cards, pictures of family and friends, keys, cash, band-aids, and pills. Kids can use them for lunch money, school IDs, and club IDs.

Product Features:

  • Crafted of archival quality polypropylene plastic that won't lift ink from your documents.
  • Made of color plastic on the outside and clear plastic pockets on the inside.
  • This Variety Pack includes 2 of each 16 colors (for a total of 32): White, Red, Black, Navy Blue, Green, Metallic Violet, Metallic Blue, Metallic Green, Metallic Silver, Metallic Maroon, Metallic Gold, Powder Blue, Pink, Clear, Yellow, and Orange
  • Overall size Open: 4" x 5".
  • Overall size Folded: 2 ½" x 4"
  • Opens in the center with a ½" opening.
  • Inside capacity per side: 2 18" x 3 ¾"
  • Holds over 10 business cards per side. Cards are easy to remove and change.
  • Flexible and reusable.
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA.
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