Hunting Wallet

Hunting Wallet

Code: H-FTW

Zipper Wallet + Folding Wallet:

Product Description


Organization and efficiency make good hunters great. Whether your hunting gear offers limited storage space, or you simply don't want to run the risk of having an item slip out of your pocket at an inopportune moment, StoreSMART's Hunting Wallets are a convenient place to stash keys, ID cards, hunting licenses, emergency medication, and more. The bright colors can contribute to your ongoing safety, while the clear vinyl fronts allow you to identify the contents at a glance. The weather-resistant zipper closure keeps out moisture and dirt, adding an additional level of protection. The included Folding Wallet makes our Hunting Wallet even more versatile by giving you the option to completely hide cash and credit cards. Long after hunting season is over, you'll find yourself reaching for these handy wallets—they're great for travel, exercise, and more.

Product Features:

  • 2 Zippered wallets:
    • Front crafted of durable 8-gauge crystal clear vinyl, back of 12-gauge solid vinyl. Features a double-reinforced ¾" header with a heat-sealed hang hole for increased durability.
    • 36" black lanyard included. Wear it around your neck, or loop it around the handle of your gym bag.
    • Weather-resistant zipper closure protects your valuables and information from moisture, dirt, and sand.
    • Overall size: 4 38" x 6 78".
    • Inside capacity: 3 78" x 5 38".
  • 2 Folding wallets:
    • Opens in the center with a ½" opening. Cards are easy to remove and change.
    • Overall size folded: 2 ½" x 4".
    • Overall size open: 4" x 5".
    • Insert size: 2 18" x 3 ¾" per side.
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