Magnetic Closure "Idea Card" Pocket - Adhesive-Back - 4" x 6"

Magnetic Closure "Idea Card" Pocket - Adhesive-Back - 4" x 6"

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Product Description


Does your visual management board or factory staging area often fall to pieces? Are you having trouble keeping paperwork where it needs to be? Win the fight against gravity with StoreSMART's Magnetic Closure Pockets! Each jacket is sealed on two sides, with a strong corner magnet to secure your documents (up to twelve 4" x 6" sheets of paper). The backs feature two strips of temporary adhesive, allowing you to attach them pretty much anywhere—our pockets work on glass, laminate, metal, fabric, walls, doors, even paper. Pull them off and reposition them, reuse them on different surfaces, and swap out papers whenever the urge strikes you. If you don't have access to a metal or magnetic surface, you can still display signage or lean management visual controls. Nothing could be easier. The best part? You can write on them with dry erase markers!

Product Features:

  • Front made of 8-gauge crystal clear vinyl.
  • Back made of 12-14-gauge vinyl in your choice of colors.
  • Back features two strips of temporary, reusable adhesive that's suitable for glass, laminate, metal, and other surfaces. Not intended for use on real wood surfaces, wooden furniture, concrete, or sheetrock.
  • Overall size: 4 78" x 6 78"
  • Inside capacity: Twelve 4" x 6" pages.
  • Corner magnet secures paperwork in both the landscape and portrait positions. These pockets can even be used upside-down! Lift the cover, write a message, and replace—without papers flying everywhere.
  • Dry erase markers can be used on front cover.
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA.

Suggestions for Use:

  • Businesses: Create innovative Lean or visual management displays. Our magnetic pockets will also protect your important work from spills and damage as it travels through your facility.
  • Teachers: Use them to display critical information for your students, or to house reusable calendar or sign-out blanks. Students can write on them with dry erase markers, and just as quickly clean them up.
  • Homeowners: Keep track of the family calendar, chore charts, and schedules.

Patent No.: US D821,492 S

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