Magnetic Gridlines - ¼-inch x 200-feet - For Whiteboard Grids

Magnetic Gridlines - ¼-inch x 200-feet - For Whiteboard Grids

Code: ML1/4-200


Product Description


Tired of wrestling with sticky, messy adhesive tape just to create gridlines on your magnetic dry erase board? Ever had that adhesive tape mar your magnetic dry erase board with gluey residue? StoreSMART's Magnetic Gridlines are the answer! Each ¼" x 200 foot roll (that's 2400 inches) of flexible magnetic tape can be easily trimmed into strips that will fit any magnetic dry erase board. They're simple to reposition, and can be cut with an ordinary pair of scissors. Adhesive tape quickly gets grungy, and dry erase marker lines tend to smear—but our black Magnetic Gridlines always look fresh and professional. Best of all, they're reusable!

Product Features:

  • Roll contains 200 feet (2400 inches) of ¼" wide magnetic tape.
  • Tape is black and magnetized on one side only.
  • Easy to remove and reuse.
  • Cut with ordinary scissors.
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA.
  • Works great with magnetic whiteboards, but not for use on magnetic glass boards

Suggestions for Use:

  • Businesses: Create innovative Lean or visual management displays. Our Magnetic Gridlines are also great for creating reusable calendar grids or employee tracking systems.
  • Teachers: Use them to create grids for math lessons, games (tic-tac-toe, anyone?), and student feedback. (For instance, you might have your students move a magnet to their pre-appointed grid block to keep track of daily attendance.)
  • Homeowners: Do you use a central magnetic dry erase board to keep your family organized? Use our Magnetic Gridlines to create separate areas for keeping lists or tracking activities, or create a reusable calendar grid.
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