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Lean / Six Sigma Visual Controls
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Magnetic Closure Pockets
4"x6"   •   8½ x11"
8 ½"x14"   •   11"x17"
Paper/Filing Organizers
4"x6" • 8½"x11" • 8½"x14" • 11"x17"
Plain • Magnetic • Adhesive • Velcro
Rigid-Plastic Holders
Plain • Magnetic • Adhesive • Velcro
Document Window Frames
Plain   •   Magnetic   •   Adhesive
Magnetic Tape/Rolls
Write-On • Adhesive • Non-Adhesive
Rigid Sewn Pockets
Plain  •  Magnetic
Shelf Tag Holders
Magnetic   •  Adhesive  •  Velcro
What is Lean?

Lean Management seeks to reduce waste (time, money, materials, etc) within a system (such as manufacturing or office envirements.) Learn more about lean on Wikipedia - click here.
From Our Customers

SCHOTT uses magnetic closure organizers and magnetic rigid holders to post information on communication boards through the facility. StoreSMART products allow SCHOTT to post information easily by simply sliding sheets in and out of the given sleeves. The transparent plastic sleeves offer a convenient way for employees to write notes with dry erase marker. In addition, the magnetic backs make it easier to change on a board depending on what the demands.
S. Robinson, SCHOTT Pharmaceuticals
I recently purchased magnetic green, red and yellow smiley faces. I received them and your catalog, I saw the magnetic tape and it would be great to use with our lean boards we are making.
Gordon Sturm from Mirion Technologies
We use the face magnets to identify levels of training. We list the machines and employees. Red means not trained. Yellow in progress. Green means fully trained. They're used on a 4' x 8' board for Job distributions.
Jodie, Reading, PA
We're really big on process improvement here. There's a lot of focus around Tier Leveled meetings and 5S Projects, all of which require us to display data on magnetic white boards where we need the ability to update information daily. Our site leader is adamant about using these for our Executive level meetings because he believes the quality is so much better than others that we've seen, so I knew I wanted to order the same thing for my team's display. Great Quality!
Jacque, Remel, Inc

Mark Graban "We're working to make the world a better place through Lean... better processes, better leadership, better workplaces... and better results! Oh, and we'd like to have some fun while we're doing that."

Mark Graban's Lean Blog focused at first on Lean Management in the manufacturing world, but focused more on healthcare over time after Mark moved into that industry in late 2005. Lean Blog covers a number of themes about lean that are universal, regardless of industry. This blog led to Mark's Shingo Award-winning book Lean Hospitals: Improving Quality, Patient Safety, and Employee Engagement.

Free excerpt from Lean Hospitals (PDF download) - this is a StoreSMART exclusive!

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Gwendolyn Galsworth A foremost visual workplace expert, Dr. Galsworth has been implementing visuality for over 30 years in some of the world's best and most complex companies. Galsworth leads full-company visual conversions, trains trainers, and conducts visual site assessments. She also leads live coaching clinics and public and on-site seminars.


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This Shingo Award winning book is written for executives, managers, supervisors, team leaders, and coaches, providing a robust discussion of visual principles and practices.

The book establishes visual thinking as a foremost methodology for continuous improvement, and shows how to attain this by creating a workforce of visual thinkers.

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Go beyond 5S— train, implement, coach, support, and sustain visual inventiveness on the operator-level. Author Galsworth provides value-add associates with a methodology and over 500 full-color actual visual solutions for converting their own work areas into visual workplaces.

Bonus: sixteen key tasks for leaders to coach and support the conversion.

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Smart Simple Design/Reloaded offers a safety net for preventing or minimizing negative variation and maximizing customer selection, all at a least-cost sum. Whether the proliferation that plagues your enterprise is parts, products, services, SKUs, or market offerings, this book provides a vision of a better way and the precise pathway for getting there.

David Visco David Visco is the co-owner of The 5S Store, an easy to use one stop shop for 5S Supplies. The 5S Store helps businesses improve their competitiveness by providing materials for organizing their workplace utilizing 5S principles.
David Visco's book, 5S Made Easy, uses an easy-to-follow format that was designed for use during 5S events. It provides color images of real-world 5S solutions, including before and after pictures from the field. It also supplies readers with online access to all of the forms and documents needed for an effective 5S program. All the forms and documents are provided in an easily editable format to fit any operation.

RIT's Center for Quality and Applied Statistics Rochester Institute of Technology's customized Lean Six Sigma training programs include management overview/project strategy and deployment training, Yellow Belt, Green Belt training, Kaizen event training, Black Belt training and Design for Six Sigma. Read more...

Systems2Win For lean manufacturing and six sigma process improvement, a great way to accelerate your success is by using the professional field-tested tools from Systems2win. Over 150 Excel templates with preformatted formulas, easy to personalize for your unique industry or team.