Peel & Stick Zipper Pockets - 6'' x 8 3/8'' - Open Short Side

Peel & Stick Zipper Pockets - 6'' x 8 3/8'' - Open Short Side

Code: STB1466ZIPS

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Product Description


How many times have you appointed a storage location for a piece of important information, only to wake up one day and find that it’s gone? Tape, thumbtacks, and nails can only go so far. Before you misplace another critical piece of equipment, try StoreSMART’s Peel & Stick Zipper Pockets. Each water-resistant pocket features a crystal clear 8-gauge vinyl front and a clear adhesive back. The aggressive adhesive will stick pretty much anywhere, allowing you to appoint storage locations for your most important items, while the weatherproof zipper will keep out dust and dirt. Make sure the next time you stick something somewhere, it stays there!

Product Features:

  • Front crafted of crystal clear 8-gauge vinyl. Clear back coated with an aggressive peel and stick adhesive.
  • Open on the short side. Welded edges for extra strength.
  • Resealable zipper keeps out dirt.
  • Overall size: 6 38” x 9 38”.
  • Inside capacity: 6” x 8 38”.
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA.

Suggestions for Use:

  • Businesses: Do employees require shared access to tools or information? Use one of our pockets to mount it in a centralized location.
  • Homeowners: These pockets are great for hiding valuables in unique places where burglars won’t think to look for them! Stick one underneath your desk or behind a heavy piece of furniture.
  • Educators: Stick our pockets on the inside covers of binders, folders, or other educational materials to help your students remain organized.
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