RFID-Blocking Case

RFID-Blocking Case



Product Description


Tech savvy identity thieves are on the prowl everywhere. In fact, A LexisNexis 2016 Fraud Mitigation Study reported that in 2015 fraudsters stole $15 billion from 13.1 million identity theft victims.

And now, with embedded RFID chips, your identity is being further exposed to compromise. Credit cards, debit cards, and drivers' licenses can be illegally scanned while still in your wallet or purse.

Don't let electronic pickpockets compromise your identity.

StoreSMART offers a simple and inexpensive defense: Anti-Theft RFID Blocking Case. This aluminum wallet blocks thieves from scanning the RFID tags on your cards. Open to reveal a 6-pocket accordion for storing your cards, cash, and more. The shiny silver plastic case hides a sturdy aluminum shell inside for maximum protection.

If your debit card is scanned, an identity thief can wipe out your bank account without you even knowing it. We've provided a simple way to help guard against it.

Overall size: approximately 4 ¼" x 2 ¾" x ¾" for credit cards, debit cards, and drivers' licenses.

Also great for keeping your Flash Drives, USB, and SD Cards safe!

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