USB Flash Drive Zip Case - 2 1/8" x 5 1/8"

USB Flash Drive Zip Case - 2 1/8" x 5 1/8"

Code: R1831-FLASH

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Product Description


How many times have you unthinkingly tossed a flash drive onto your desk, into your bag, or into your vehicle's cup holder? (Bonus points if it was missing its cap.) Too many times, we're guessing! We tend to treat flash drives roughly, when our data demands loving care. Instead of exposing your flash drives to dust, dirt, and the elements, protect them with one of StoreSMART's USB Flash Drive Zip Cases. These pockets feature two holes, making them compatible with three-ring binders. A resealable red zipper keeps dirt at bay, while the crystal clear 8-gauge vinyl lets you see your drive at a glance. Their larger size means these pockets are also perfect for housing CDs or DVDs, as well as lanyards, cords, and additional materials.

Note: Drive not included.

Product Features:

  • Crafted of crystal clear 8-gauge vinyl.
  • Opens on the long side. Resealable zipper keeps drives in, and dirt out.
  • Two holes for use with three-ring binders.
  • Overall size: 3 58" x 5 ½".
  • Inside capacity: 2 18" x 5 18".
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA.

Suggestions for Use:

  • Students: Need to give a presentation? Working on an important paper? Keep your PowerPoint presentation or research right in your subject binder.
  • Businesses: Need to attach a power cord, CD/DVD, or flash drive to a shelf, lock, or piece of equipment? These pockets don't just work with 3-ring binders—you can also attach them to anything you like with zip ties.
  • Marketers: Pass out a copy of your business card along with a flash drive containing an informative slideshow or a digital sample of your goods. These pockets are also perfect for writers and artists looking to pass out free promotional material.
Great business card and flash drive holder
Verified Buyer
My law firm sends a flash drive along with a document binder to clients. The pocket is nice and sturdy, and is able to hold a business card in addition to the flash drive.
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Thomas Rossmeissl
Verified Buyer
Excellent product. Perfect for holding USB thumb drives in binders.
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Good Product
Gaerda Pearson
Verified Buyer
We have used these plastic pouches to include our Thumb drives with our Certified Operations Manuals for our product. They keep the drives safe and intact in the notebooks through our shipping and customer use.
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Exactly what we needed
Brook S.
Verified Buyer
These pouches were exactly what we needed for our O&M manuals that we compile and give to clients. Ideally we compile documents in an electronic format only, but some owners require a hard copy. These pouches are the perfect way to include a flash drive with an electronic copy and not worry about it getting lost in the shuffle when turning over documents at the conclusion of a project. No-hassle ordering process, and quick and speedy delivery.
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USB Flash Drive Zip Case
Verified Buyer
Works great for our law office where we have to send files to clients and save in folders.
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USB Zip Case
Colleen Dennis
Verified Buyer
The company I work for is required to submit a hard copy in a binder and a USB drive when we submit out Accreditation materials. The USB Zip Case is perfect for this!
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Perfect for Presentation Binders
Uli Payer
We prepare a lot of presentations and packages in our department, and usually submit them in printed format and electronically on a USB flash drive. These zip cases are perfect for the binders, hold a variety of different flash drive sizes and are very sturdy. They can easily be labeled and look very professional.
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Great and unique product!!
Khristine Josephson
Verified Buyer
We had a hard time finding a USB pouch for a 3-ring binder that fits multiple size USBs. These pouches are perfect and high quality. Great personalized service as well!
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Super Reliable
Rhonda Tiger
Verified Buyer
These work perfectly for our Operation and Maintenance Manuals. Very quick response and fast delivery.
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Verified Buyer
My wife and I are photographers and store our photos on flash drives. We needed a secure pouch to protect the flash drives from dirt, dust and moisture. These pouches are perfect for our needs. They have two holes that allow for storage in binders or any other means of organization. The seal is tight and doesn't allow entry of moisture, humidity, dust, dirt or any other contaminants. Price is minimal, quality is very high, durability is long lasting. I have not come across anything that compares to this product. I highly recommend it.
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