Workout Wallet Set - 2-Pack

Workout Wallet Set - 2-Pack

Code: FTW-2

Zipper Wallet + Folding Wallet:

Product Description


Ever looked at a glossy magazine ad featuring people engaged in exercise and wondered, "Where do they put their keys?!" Modern workout clothes rarely come equipped with pockets, bags are cumbersome, and sneaker zipper pockets are tiny. So when you hit the gym or go out for a run, where are you supposed to stash necessary things like keys, money, and emergency medical supplies? StoreSMART can answer this question—in one of our Workout Wallets! These durable vinyl pockets are designed to ride around your neck, and are large enough to hold keys, ID cards, medications, and jewelry. The included Folding Wallet offers an additional level of protection for cash and credit cards, as the solid vinyl will render it unrecognizable to outside observers. You can wear the solid side of the Workout Wallet facing out for added security, and with our bright color selection, every member of the family can have one—which eliminates confusion.

Product Features:

  • Two Zippered wallet:
    • Front crafted of durable 8-gauge crystal clear vinyl, back of 12-gauge solid vinyl.
    • Features a double-reinforced ¾" header with a heat-sealed hang hole for increased durability.
    • 36" black lanyard included. Wear it about your neck, or loop it around the handle of your gym bag.
    • Weather-resistant zipper closure protects your valuables and information from moisture, dirt, and sand.
    • Overall size: 4 38" x 6 78". Inside capacity: 3 78" x 5 38".
  • Two Folding wallet:
    • Opens in the center with a ½" opening. Cards are easy to remove and change.
    • Overall size folded: 2 ½" x 4".
    • Overall size open: 4" x 5".
    • Insert size: 2 18" x 3 ¾" per side.
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA.
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