Protect your valuables and technology with the Workout Wallet - November 30, 2012

Going to the gym can be a nerve-racking experience. Not only because you have to usually workout and share the gym with dozens of total strangers, but because many smaller gyms don't offer lockers and locker rooms where you can store your keys and valuable safely and securely.

Now, there is no longer a reason to be paranoid.

The reason is the Workout Wallet.

It's not high tech, but it can sure help protect your high tech gadgets.
Whether going to the gym or out for a run, our Workout Wallet makes it easy to carry your cash, club ID cards, keys. It is even large enough for your Smartphone. Yes, I said smartphone.

No Pockets? No problem! Just slip your cash and credit cards into the 2-pocket folding card holder and it fits neatly inside the Workout Wallet, further concealing contents and preventing them from being jostled around. Throw in your workout goals to keep yourself motivated or add your medical information and personal contacts.

The Workout Wallet Set comes with a zip-top Wallet (size: 3 7/8" x 5 3/8"), a two-pocket folding card holder (size: 2 ½" x 4" per pocket) and a 36" heavy-duty black lanyard.

The Workout Wallet is made of durable plastic with a water-resistant zipper top. The front is crystal clear and the back is a bright opaque color. Face the colored side out to keep the contents private. Your membership ID tag can be conveniently attached to the lanyard for quick access. It easily wipes clean of the sweat and moisture that is the result of an intense workout.

Another plus is that it's lightweight and very comfortable to wear around your neck or fasten inside a tote bag or backpack. You can even loop the wallet around the handle of a sports bag for security.

Take the Workout Wallet along to:

Health & Fitness Clubs
Yoga & Dance Classes
Sports Classes and Events
Fishing and Hunting
Biking and Hiking
School Events and Trips
Family Travel
Summer Camps

The Workout Wallet Set comes in a variety of colors. Have more than one to easily color code multiple memberships, or to have one for each member of the family. At 2 for $12.99, the Workout Wallet Set makes a great stocking stuffer for anyone on your list!
For travelers, your passport and important documents will fit safely inside the Workout Wallet.

For those wishing to offer Workout Wallet Sets to their membership we also offer custom colors and custom printing.

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