StoreSMART's Vial of Life could save yours - March 27, 2013

When the life of a loved one is on the line, every second matters.

One of the first things emergency responders are trained to do is look for a “Vial of Life” on the refrigerator. The StoreSMART Vial of Life can help save a life as it more than likely will contain the person’s medical conditions, prescriptions, and insurance information. A separate Vial of Life should be kept for each member of the household.

With all the technology at our disposal these days, something low tech still works and can save the day.

“StoreSMART’s Vial of Life pocket is one of the top reasons for the success of our program. In addition to the attractive and simple design, it is highly functional, providing vital patient information at a critical time. The folks at StoreSMART took care of our needs, working with us to develop custom artwork and meeting our project deadline,” says Rick Nash, Emergency Management Coordinator, Bedford Fire Department in Bedford, Texas

The attractive and durable Vial of Life will store all the papers needed in an emergency in one easy-to-find spot, in a central location.

You can download free emergency medical forms to keep inside the pockets and complimentary signs for your windows and doors at

When you need to update the information, just print new forms. It’s that easy.

Select from four sturdy plastic pocket styles:

Large Magnetic (4 1/4" x 9 1/4") for refrigerators - holds photo/business card and 10 pages of documents

Compact Magnetic (4" x 5 1/2") - holds photo and one document page

Travel Zip Top (3 1/2" x 4 5/8") for backpacks, vehicles, motorcycles, bikes, travel, gym bags

Folding Wallet (two 2 1/8" x 3 3/4" pockets) for purse, briefcase, desk at work or school

The Large and Compact Vial of Life organizer also has a small pocket to slide in a photo, several business cards, or contact information for added identification.

Prices range from $.59 to $2.99 each.

Head on over to to check out all that is available.